God has a plan for each of our lives.  We may not know it, but He is always there, drawing us to Him and working in our lives.  I had a hard life, growing up as the oldest son of migrant farm workers, and I didn’t believe there was a God.  I scorned people who did believe and tried to talk them out of it, convinced it was foolishness.  But God found a way to penetrate my hard skull and to work in my life in a very extraordinary way.  God has managed to use everything I went through for good (and it’s been quite a bit), and today, I stand before you, not just the son of a migrant farm worker, but the son of the King of the Universe, with God’s alternative to fossil fuels and all pollution.  And I am proof of the scripture that says, “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are, so that no man may boast before God”. (1st Cor 1:27-29)

I have no schooling or previous experience in the energy field, yet I stand here today with the ability to provide clean, safe energy at no operating cost. Without some background about the world, that may not mean much off hand to most people, but suffice it to say that can topple the existing energy empire, do away with our need to go to war over oil, and put vast sums of money into the hands of the Church Body for the purpose of spreading the gospel. 

In the finance world, it is understood that energy runs parallel to the gross national product.  We use energy for everything.  Industry couldn’t survive without energy. We’d have no computers, no heat, no cooling, no refrigeration, no motors, no manufacturing, no power tools, and no transportation.  I think everyone understands that energy is integral to our lives. It is something that every homeowner, every business owner, every industrial company and every earth dweller uses every day, 365 days a year.  Utility companies do not have to go out looking for repeat business.  We are tied to their apron strings, and if we want to have a reasonably comfortable life, we will pay our bills on a pretty consistent basis. So, I think it would be safe to say that energy is big business … very big business.  So big, in fact, that 50% of all Wall Street investments involve utilities. 

So, when God called me and gave me the prophecy that He was going to involve us in energy, and what He was going to give us would topple empires and turn the business world upside down, I was more than a little taken back.  Let me tell you about how God has worked in my life.

My story starts when I got back from the Vietnam War. I decided I didn’t want to be part of a heartless world that cared so little for the weak and helpless, and I despaired of being able to do anything to change it, so I tried to end my life.  But as I stared down the barrel of the shotgun, I heard a voice come up from my spirit telling me, if it was so important to me for the world to be a better place, I should stick around to change it. I cried out to God (although I did not know Him) for Him to give me a way to change the world for better and to make my life worth living. It’s amazing when people call out to a God they do not even believe in.

In the years that followed, I went to college, worked as a Physician’s Assistant in Alaska on a military base. I met an old world craftsman, and although it was an unlikely thing for me to do, I decided to go into business because of him. I started a Construction business but when the oil shortages of 1973-74 hit, I was quickly introduced to the cruelty and harshness of the business world.  Suppliers pulled my line of credit and took back supplies they had delivered to job sites.  Customers stopped payment on checks they had written to me causing my checks to bounce, and I was looking at being charged with writing bad checks. As a kid without any money who felt badly over what had happened, the prosecutor convinced me to “plea bargain”, and I was introduced to the “just-us” system. At the same time I was being raked over the coals for my “bad checks”, the business failed and my baby died.  It was a low point in my life, and I had no idea that God was orchestrating my life, and that all of this would somehow be used for good in my service to Him.

In 1976 I met my current wife, to whom I have been married for 27 years.  She and a public defender friend convinced me that what had happened to me was a fluke of circumstances and not an intentional act.  It could have happened to anyone.  I tried to reverse my plea, but the court would not let me. So, at the ripe old age of 26, I was given a criminal record.  This set the stage for decades of abuse and misinformation.  But at the time, it also set the stage for me to find my precious Lord and Savior. 

During these years of turmoil, I found myself talking to God.  And, to my amazement, I found Him talking back. Later, when I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, I read Psalm 145:19 that says, “He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He will also hear their cry and will save them.” I knew God had been in control of my life. I didn’t understand yet what it meant to have a relationship with God, but He must have heard the cries of my heart to make the world a better place, because He gave me a vision for a way to economically impact this country. Unfortunately, it was a business, and I was a little gun shy of business.  But, I believed with all my heart that what God had shown me was a good thing for people, and that it was an answer to my prayers.  So, knowing I had to do it, I jumped out and took the plunge. Cliff jumping would become commonplace to me over the years.

The vision God had given me was a large concept that we called “the Coupon Card”.  It brought the concept of free enterprise back by uniting the consumer and bringing competition to the marketplace. Today there’s big business and bigger business, but back then I believed there was still some hope for the small merchant. The concept was much larger than I could attempt alone, so I looked for investment capital. I had a promise from a rich Wall Street investor that if I proved the concept, he would put everything needed into the business. With that promise, my wife & I set out on a pilot program to prove the concept.  We lived in the back of the office for 2 years, worked 20 hours a day, living on rice and sunflower seeds. Others sacrificed too, working almost as many hours as we did. But, after two years, it was all worth it because we achieved the goal.  I triumphantly marched into the businessman’s office with the good news. But when he told me he planned to buy everyone out at 10 cents on the dollar, while keeping the billions for himself, I decided I couldn’t do that. God had taught me about the harsh realities of business, the injustice of the “just-us” system, and now came my lesson about big money. 

We were broke, but not broken, and we chose the hard road in order to do the right thing. Although we didn’t know God yet in a personal way, I did know that the business concept for “The Coupon Card” was from Him. Times were hard and every day the business dwindled a little more.  We had some stouthearted people who hung in with us, and without any money, we had lots of time on our hands. We talked a lot of philosophy with our workers, and heard about end time prophecy from one who was a Christian.  We started reading the Bible and spent long hours studying and talking.  My wife and I were beginning to see how big God was and were especially intrigued by the story of Abraham. At the business things went from bad to worse as human nature took its course.  I had a partner who wanted to run the show and believed he could turn things around.  He took advantage of my “criminal record” from my first business venture and used it to try and take over the business.  Our phones were about to be disconnected for non-payment, so I sold my car, and offered to pay the phone bill.  Since I had sold mine, my partner offered to lend me his car to rush the money down to the phone company.  While I was on my way, he called the police to say I had stolen his car. The police took me down to the station and fingerprinted me. They also found some arthritis medicine in my pocket, and without a prescription they charged me with drug possession until they had it analyzed and then dropped the charges.  My “criminal history” was building fast.  I have heard rumors about me that offer this as proof that I was a drug addict.

It broke my heart that this man I trusted as a partner and a friend would lie and cheat to better himself.  I started doing something I hadn’t often done before in my life – I started praying. God was with me and preserved me through it all.  I wound up with the business, and my partner wound up on the street.  But the business was still in serious trouble.  We were staring down the barrel of bankruptcy.  I believe God prepared the environment of my life to lead me right into His arms. The difficulties I had experienced humbled my heart and moved me closer and closer to being able to accept a Holy and Almighty God who loved me so much He would go to all this trouble to answer my prayer so many years earlier.  I finally accepted Him in a personal relationship as my Lord and Savior in early 1978. The light came on in my heart and mind during a philosophical discussion about the best form of government, when I realized that a benevolent God was the only one who could rule mankind. There was not even one Christian present, but, in an argument about the best form of government I found myself making the point that a benevolent Monarch would be the best, but where could we find a truly BENEVOLENT Monarch. Before I finished talking the BENEVOLENT MONARCH had introduced Himself to me. It was so clear! My Jewish wife found her Messiah when I got home, and we both found a Christian to lead us to Christ.

With all of the difficulties that faced us, I grew quickly in the faith.  There’s nothing like some fire to bring you close to God.  Without benefit of teaching or preaching, but just deciding to believe the word of God, I was healed one day of the rheumatoid arthritis that plagued me.  Having accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, my life was about to take a dramatic turn.

One day, one of the investors in our pilot program brought me a television (we didn’t have one) so I could watch a well-known evangelist.  When I heard the evangelist speak boldly about faith, something welled up inside of me and I knew I had to go speak with this man. Knowing the Coupon Card project was bigger than I could handle, it was my desire to give this project to the Body of Christ, because I knew it would produce large amounts of income for the Kingdom on a continuing basis. Since I had accepted Jesus, that was my heart’s desire.  I thought this man I was watching would be someone with the faith and vision to understand what it could mean. The Holy Spirit confirmed in my heart that I would see this evangelist, and I sat down to write him a letter.  We didn’t wait for an answer – we knew the answer already.  So, with just enough money for gas to get there, we borrowed a car and drove to his offices.  Somehow, during the busiest time of their year, they agreed to have someone see me - a nobody with no credentials who had no appointment. After I spoke with the 2nd in command of the organization, I miraculously stood face to face with the busy TV evangelist.  As the words came out of my mouth I listened in amazement as the Holy Spirit delivered an incredibly powerful presentation of this business project.  The evangelist and his 2nd must have been moved by the same Holy Spirit, because they not only got the vision, they accepted the project.  But they didn’t want me to just give it to them; they wanted me to be a partner and to continue working in the project.  I was floating.  I’d had faith in God, and He had done this truly amazing thing.  But the world can put you to the test, especially when you think that you have something to lose.  When you begin to think that a ministry is yours, it gives the devil something he can hold over your head. The evangelist sent a team of accountants to check our company out from stem to stern and found us to be beyond honest. Months after putting down a non refundable deposit of 1/20th of the agreed amount, the TV evangelist pulled out of his commitment without an explanation, and I found myself sitting across a 30 foot long conference table lined with his attorneys in fancy suits.  I was devastated, and dismayed.  I couldn’t reconcile the man I had heard rebuke tornadoes on the television with the man who had pulled away from a contractual commitment and a brother, without even offering a word of explanation or reconciliation.  I had learned lots of hard lessons from the world; but I hadn’t expected to be treated this way in the Body of Christ.

 Needless to say, we went to God and sought Him fervently. It seemed like magic that 12 people (many of whom we did not know) showed up on our doorstep to pray with us, announcing that they’d felt moved that God had told them to come.  We spent 3 days fasting and praying. In answer to our prayers, He gave us the prophecies that would guide us into the ministry that we are operating today.  I am here today to tell you about that ministry and to share some of its fruits.

The vision that God gave us is so big; it’s hard to believe.  It was so big; it took us many years to grow to the maturity in Christ to be able to accept it. God didn’t give us the full vision right away because He knew we wouldn’t have been able to accept it.  Instead, He gave us knowledge about the world system, knowledge about how the devil works, and the need to walk with Him moment by moment. He also gave us the story we lived after these things as a witness to the truth.

God wanted us to walk by faith and not by sight, so that He could do what He wanted to do without our interference.  We have tried to give God full reign and you’ll hear tonight some of the things we have trusted Him through.  Only a walk of faith could have led to this place where we stand today.

During our week of fasting and prayer with the 12 people God had called together, God gave us words of prophecy concerning a trip He wanted us to take.  There were 4 stops on the journey, and at each one God gave us another piece of the puzzle.

When Jesus started His ministry, He was led by the Holy Spirit to the desert.  God chose to bring me into the ministry He had for me by leading me, along with my wife and a friend, on a journey that had four stops.  The first 3 were in Texas (Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio) and the final stop was in Israel. We had no idea what God would do.  Much like Abraham, we just started our journey in obedience to His Spirit and allowed Him to lead us.  In Dallas we started our Spirit led odyssey at another well-known evangelist and prophet’s who gave us the prophecy that we would “tip the financial world upside down and change the economy of the country and the world.” It had something to do with energy.  It was ironic that God would call me into the very field that bankrupt my first business and gave me a criminal history.  Part of the prophecy said: “…you are going to be a vital part in financing the most fabulous revival that has ever hit the face of this plant in the history of its existence.  You’ll do things you didn’t think you could do.  You’ll do works of miracles that you didn’t think would ever happen while you were even present.  You’re going to turn the business world around; you’re going to upset it until it doesn’t know which end is up.  They’re going to be coming to you, asking you, “how in the world did you do this in the midst of inflation and in the midst of shortages, how’d you do it?”  And you’re going to smile and say “My God meets my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” …….

Look to me for the answers, saith the Lord.  I am the answer.  I know the ways.  I know where the resources are.  The greatest resources of this planet have never been tapped.  I’ve held in reserve the resources of this planet.  I’m not going to give Satan the best.  I’m not going to give Ishmael the best.  I’ll give Israel the best, and you are the seed of Abraham.  Believe me for it and you shall tap the stream that flows before the King and before the Throne of God!  Hallelujah!”      

Wow! Later this prophecy came forth at a meeting from this same man …”In these last days you will see men that will come forth, dedicated and fully sold out to the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  They are the ones who will answer the fuel problems. They are the ones that will answer the food problems. The vast amounts of financial resources that will be put into their hands, saith the Lord, will be funneled into the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

A little confused, but excited at the same time, we continued on to meet with an oilman who was also a minister. He could not finance us, but he told us about a prophetess in San Antonio who passed us the mantle of her life’s vision, to build a house of prayer for all nations. She died shortly after our meeting, failing to tell us where this house of prayer would be built.  How these things fit together we didn’t understand, but we were open to allowing God to be God.

Our final stop was to be in Israel, but we had no money to get there.  Miraculously, God provided for us to go to Israel where He met with us on top of Mount Moses in the Sinai desert. There He gave us the final piece of the puzzle. Since what He told us was contrary to our worldly thinking, we asked for a sign, and God, being as gracious as He is, accommodated.  From a clear and cloudless sky, a cloud formed on the horizon and moved toward us with the deliberation of a vehicle traveling to a destination.  I had a sense of watching God coming to me on the cloud. Before long we were engulfed by that cloud and were being awed by God’s light show, as all the colors of a rainbow shot through it. Then the cloud quietly withdrew and moved back to the horizon as deliberately as it had come and disappeared. We had gone to Israel seeking an answer to our financial dilemma and a possible investor. We could no longer doubt the answer God gave us on Mount Moses that our virtually bankrupt company would fund His worldwide energy project.  We came back to New Jersey in wonderment to find a double rainbow over our house.

But, almost immediately after returning to the states from our trip to Israel, I was paralyzed from the neck down (from which I rose miraculously.)  As I grew in the Lord, I understood that the desert always follows the vision. That’s where God gets your attention to begin to teach you how to walk with Him. Well, I definitely had the vision, and this was certainly a desert. The doctors all agreed that I would never walk again and for two years they were right. I realize now that that was a critical time of preparation.  God taught me patience and longsuffering – something I would need for the journey ahead.

Seven short years after we got our marching orders in Israel, the same company that had been virtually bankrupt, was worth 50 million dollars.  On the anniversary of our 7th year, God called us back to Israel where He would make good on the 2nd part of the prophecy – the house of prayer for all nations.  On our trip He instructed us to go buy Mount Zion and build the House of Prayer the prophetess had told us to someday build.  Through the leading of the Holy Spirit we met the Rabbis who own Mount Zion and have preserved it all these years from nightclubs and other worldly ventures. God had instructed them to build a house of prayer for all nations there. Together we started the World Peace Center on Mount Zion, and we know that story is not over yet.  As God allows, we will build a beautiful tribute to God on His Holy Mountain.

The bankrupt company that we owned now had a net worth of over 50 million dollars. It was developed around the most efficient heat pump that has ever been developed. I had no formal training on refrigeration, but, through God’s revelation and guidance, I proved that the refrigeration paradigm is wrong and built a heat pump that was three times as efficient as anything GE, Borg Warner, Carrier, Trane, or any other heat pump manufacturer had. The big boys did not like our efficient heat pump at all, and the electric company liked it even less and tried to stop me. I later realized it could have cost Bonneville Electric in the Northwest billions of dollars! They liked inefficient heat pumps that saved 30% of the electric bill but not one that saved 80%.

God showed me that nothing is impossible to Him!  My faith in Him had led me to do something some people would have called impossible.  Seven years earlier, it certainly would have been impossible to me.  We seemed to be in the promised land of Canaan, but I was to learn that in order to possess the land, you have to battle with the giants who currently possess it.  Now God wanted this son of a migrant worker to grow faith muscles to stand against the giants of the world.  God’s word says, “he has given us every place that our feet tread” (Joshua 1:3).  I have found that to be more than true. If you plant your feet firmly, and refuse to be moved by the devil, God will deliver the land into your hands.

 We had sold our heat pumps with a special tax credit that President Carter had initiated for renewable energy sources.  In order for the customers to be able to get their tax credits, we had to install them all before the end of the year.  In the summer of 1985, at the behest of someone we know not who, the Attorney General of Washington State started an investigation into our company.  They talked with me and I told them I would comply with anything they needed me to, but I had an important trip to Israel to take and as soon as I returned, we would sit down together.  They promised nothing would be done until then.  As soon as I was gone, they filed suit and had the media on our doorstep.  

In order to protect my customers (from the Attorney General) I made a deal with the Washington State AG.  We were shocked to find out how dirty politics is. Our battle with the Attorney General’s Office was an eye opener. We couldn’t understand why that had brought a suit against us to “force us” to do everything we were already doing. Nothing on the AG’s suit was legitimate. Things got even more ­­­­­­­­­­­outrageous as people regularly broke in to our factory.  Once they were caught attempting to make off with an entire filing cabinet in a truck.  We later discovered some of our stolen files in the AG’s office (when we threatened to have the FBI investigate, they turned them over to us.)  In someone’s attempt who was working with the AG’s to get information, a lady who worked for us in shipping was killed and her 7 year old daughter discovered her body with her brains splattered all over the walls of her room. The man we could prove was responsible for it was never arrested. They refused to arrest him.

The injustice of what had happened led me to declare war with the utilities in the Northwest and I started project WWPPEE (World Wide Privately Produced Electrical Energy.)  Shortly after that someone hired hit men to kill me and they tried three times unsuccessfully.  Ultimately, we did install all the heat pumps by the end of the year, despite dozens of attempts to prevent us from doing so.  Our crews even worked on Christmas day.  When the ploy with the Attorney General did not work, my enemies finally decided to put me out of business by taking the company from me.  My public business (worth $50 million dollars) was stolen from me in a stockholder’s meeting.  Although I owned 94% of the stock, I was not allowed to vote my shares.  It all occurred with the SEC sitting silently by at the meeting. I just walked away. The locks to the doors of my own factory were changed, with a guard to keep me out of my own building. I did manage to get my blueprints and manufacturing manuals. I personally owned the technology.

I was kicked out of my own factory and walked away broke because I wouldn’t back down from the electric companies in the Northwest who promoted inefficient conventional heat pumps for people while they had officials try to stop mine. But when you’re with God, you may be down, but you’re never out. When He closes one door, look for the open window.  My window was in Boston, where one of the people who had worked with me in the company, offered me a way to continue in the project.  My family and I moved to Boston to do that.  In a dream there, God revealed to me how to use the heat pump I had developed to make free electricity.  Indeed, His word is true – He works all things for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Through what appeared to be a disaster, God moved us up a notch.

We built a model according to what God showed me, and demonstrated it by lighting a single light bulb at the Old South Museum in Boston where the American Revolution began. I stood on the same podium Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams stood on and made America’s Declaration of Energy Independence!

I was on fire with what God had shown me, and I advertised the free electricity project nationwide.  God showed me how to finance the continuing research by selling plans to build the heat pump I had developed in Seattle. We raised millions of dollars for free energy research. Later, we made those people who helped us by buying those plans, dealers in our current project.

In the process for our research in free energy, we moved to California to work with a brilliant scientist who lived there. We were looking for the other element of our concept. While there, we also met Doctor Fischer.  There we built the Fischer Engine Cycle (most efficient engine process ever built.) Combined with my heat pump it would make free electricity and we built a demonstration model that proved the concept in our laboratory.  I believed this was a very important breakthrough that people needed to know about.  I decided to go public with it and offered to disconnect people from the grid. 

Once again we encountered the abuse of power. In 1988, at a public meeting of 600 people in Ventura California I was arrested. I was scheduled to demonstrate the technology and get everyone there disconnected from the grid. I was charged with criminal fraud and exposed to 40 years in prison. My bail was set at one million dollars, and the technology commandeered.  Although we raised the bail with property that our dealers and friends offered to post, I was still not allowed to be released.

A judge can issue an order to commandeer a technology so the Attorney General can test it to verify the claims of the inventor. My technology had been taken for private testing. I never knew where they took it, but it was reportedly tested by an unbiased scientist, who just happened to work for Consolidated Edison Electric Company in LA.  Who was there to keep him honest? Certainly not me. Here’s how that works... If he reports to the court that it does not work, I go to prison, he gets rich and we all forget about it. If he reports to the court that it does work, then we get a new energy alternative that puts all the big boys out of business, while I get rich and he gets dead!  What do you think his report was?

The world-class scientists who had worked with me to develop the technologies were threatened by the Sheriff not to testify. One ran away to Germany after the Sheriff told him, with his wife sitting next to him, they would kill his family if he came to court. The rest scattered in all directions leaving me defenseless (except of course for God.)  “If God is for you, who can be against you”?  Every attempt I made to be released was quashed.  While in jail without bail, an orchestrated effort was born to put our company out of business.  Within 2 months of my arrest they had succeeded. I walked into jail a millionaire, I walked out broke. I was in jail for almost a year, fighting the good fight, but it looked hopeless. With no money, and no options, I surrendered myself to God’s will.  Before long, my chief scientist who had fled to Germany overcame his fear and came to testify in court at a hearing I brought against the prosecution for misconduct. A dozen other witnesses who had also been threatened came forward when he did. God had a plan all along.

By miraculous intervention we proved in a court of law that we could make free electricity, and that my witnesses were threatened out of testifying for me at the pre trial hearing. All criminal charges were dismissed and I was freed. There never was a trial. They had also claimed I did not fill out a form on a civil code violation, and the judge made a deal that the higher courts would decide the issue of whether or not that statute related to me. If all three courts agreed I had violated the statute then I would be guilty of that. If any one of them agreed I was not required to file I was not guilty of the civil code violation. 

No major form of media to this day, has ever covered that story (No newspapers, TV news, talk show hosts, magazines...nothing!) You’ve never seen these headlines:  “Man Proves In A Court of Law He Can Make Free Electricity”!  I went from a million dollar bail to no bail, from front-page news to no news. But, God had miraculously thrown the door to the jail open and set me free!  The Word of God says that those things in the dark will be brought to light.  I’ll bet not many people know how unjust the justice system is!  I decided to stand up for my Constitutional rights which had been violated in a hundred different ways, and found a famous lawyer who was willing to help me file suit against them for those violations.  He called a press conference on the steps of the Federal Court House, but no one came.  My famous lawyer learned a lot about how the system works that day, and the day our federal lawsuit was thrown out as “frivolous”.

Not only did I think the story of the abuse of personal freedoms was important, but I also believed that God had given me something that could bless people all over this world – and I was sure He wanted to see it get to the people.  Left with no recourse in the justice system, and being frozen out of the media, I formed a national organization to get the word out. Through Joint Venture Advertising we showed them how to break a media freeze! We ran a television commercial that showed me cutting a power line, while the narrator said, “Technology exists to enable you to disconnect from the electric company and never pay an energy bill again! Send off for a free look at our public awareness kit!”  Our million-dollar ad buy netted us two million in profit within a month. We put that right back in to double it and planned to do that every month until we became a household word. They quickly imprisoned me for the “civil code” violation in California, without a trial or a conviction, and none of the higher courts had ruled one way or the other.

I took it to man’s highest court, the US Supreme Court. The State of California declined to respond to my petition (which usually means default.) In a landmark precedent, months after the deadline for California to respond, the United States Supreme Court ordered the State of California to object to my petition. That has never happened before or since in all of the history of the U.S. Supreme Court! So, I went to prison for 2 years, without a trial or a conviction, on a claimed civil code violation, which, to this day has never been proven! My body was in prison, but I was set free by the Lord Jesus Christ. My heart and spirit have never seen the inside of a prison.

Jesus said, I will never leave you or forsake you, and He never has forsaken me.  God was with me in prison where I was given my own machine shop and research lab plus lots of technical experts to teach me physics and science in there.  As Joseph said to his brothers when they sold him into slavery in Egypt, “what you meant for evil, God has used for good.  God has sent me on ahead to prepare a place for you”.  While I was in prison, God protected me from two attempts to take my life, and I was privileged to lead many inmates to Jesus.

I guess they thought prison would stop me.  I’m sure it has convinced many people of the power they wield.  But “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”.  The called of God do not quit.  Once out of prison I had more credibility than ever before. It was obvious to those who knew the system that some very powerful people were scared of me. I ignored offers from billionaires to finance me and proceeded instead to rebuild the original dealer network with no additional money.  Although many had fled when the shepherd was struck, many still had the heart to continue. I asked the dealers for any contributions they could make. Old ladies skipped every other meal to donate $50.  People gave me old milling machines and motors and tools. Some dealers took their vacation and lived at my house to help build demos and a shop. People volunteered to come and give their time and expertise. We all lived in one big house with ten bedrooms. Skeptics weighed in and reported that I was a cult leader, but my people say I’m just a “diffi”-cult leader!  If you are doing anything for the Kingdom, there will always be those who will try to tear you down and defame you.

I went on a national tour to meet with dealers, show demonstrations of the exciting technologies and products we’d acquired in the process of re-building, and to replace all the dealers who wanted out.

Within 2 years of leaving prison, in 1996, I did a show for the Congress and the President of the United States, inviting over 1,400 government officials in Washington, D. C. At this show, I revealed how I could collapse the economy by putting every utility out of business. I also made it clear that God is a God of order and that we needed to work together to avoid hurting our country. I explained that we would be coming out with our technologies, and gave them the opportunity to work with our project by deregulating the grid.  I said that if I hadn’t heard from them by July of that year (1996) I would assume their answer was no and would begin to institute God’s plan.  We delivered videotapes of the show to every Senator and Member of the House that did not personally come. They all had to sign for them. I invited President Clinton and even told her she could bring her husband along! Even Senator Wellstone of the Congressional Energy Committee heard God’s plan to deregulate the grid. Not hearing from Congress by July, I started a second national tour to deregulate the grid with our negawatt circuit. On the tour, I discovered Congress had passed legislation with all my requests in it on July 19, 1996. You can witness the circuit invented by Nicola Tesla that proves we do not CONSUME electricity. We can send it back to the power company if they did not prefer to dump it into the ground after you use it.

I vowed to work with the deregulation, and still plan to feed power to the grid, though Nicola Tesla invented a Tesla coil that proves electricity can be sent anywhere without any wires, and, over any distance, without losses or harmful EMF waves. You can witness that as well.

In 1996 I found Doctor Fischer again, and we spent 1997 and 1998 redesigning the Fischer engine to run on CO2 without my cumbersome heat pump.  In 1998 we completed several models of the CO2 Fischer Engine. It was a vast improvement over the previous technology.  Over a dozen witnesses watched it run for 24 continuous hours on heat from the air at ambient temperature during a snow blizzard even at night. The list is signed and notarized.

Doctor Fischer (holder of 50% of the rights to this engine) was given enough money to buy a Winnebago and he went on vacation to Texas, and has never returned. A letter from his lawyer told us we were (and still are) deadlocked.  I had spent a million dollars on the Fischer Engine in 1987 and went to prison for it.  I spent another million on it in 1997 and ‘98, and my good friend deadlocked me so I couldn’t go forward with it.  I was crushed by what I felt was a betrayal.  I have no idea if he was bribed or threatened to betray me.

Today, I know at least 7 ways to make free electricity. The amazing thing to me is that most conventional scientists do not know any. Perhaps they do not want to.  During the course of our journey, between 1986 and today, God has revealed over 500 revolutionary technologies to us. In fact, we have an invention to revolutionize just about everything.  Many inventors have joined us to keep from being killed or imprisoned.

Through all of this, I have discovered that the whole concept of free enterprise in America is a lie. The suppression of technical advancements is far worse than anyone can imagine. There’s no technology sold today that cannot be revolutionized, but advancement is blocked by dark principalities, and only godly men can release it!  In the days of old, God sent Prophets to deliver His word and the people killed them. Today, God is sending inventors to bring His wisdom to the world, and they are suffering all sorts of injustices at our hands.  They are being imprisoned, discredited in the media, and even killed.  But God will not be mocked!  Judgment will come to the unrighteous.

In our research we have been sabotaged, constantly discredited by the media and the Mafia owned BBB, and scourged by critics who have never invested anything into this project, but who constantly lie, misquote, and take half truths out of context to make sure we are not believed. Why? Do you know?  We have encountered the dirty tricks of rich self-interests and those who have sold their souls to protect their own interests in betrayal of the people.

We have just started on the third way to make free electricity. It’s a permanent magnet motor that takes in one unit of electricity to put out five units of mechanical energy. The other energy input comes from permanent magnets in the motor.  We have made incredible advancements.  Every time we have been torn down by the world, God has given us something better.

In 1998 we met the Edison Electric Institute, a research institute for the utilities, and brainstormed an idea for a Power Wagon concept that would be like a portable power plant.  We found it was feasible to put a lot of units on a flatbed trailer that would feed our power directly into the grid at the electric company’s neighborhood substations.

When the Y2K threatened to shut down power plants, we had an answer that could feed green power directly into the deregulated grid. But, the electric companies wanted to control us, and centralize our electricity. You can understand why we distrust them.  We thought that with a Y2K disaster, we would be able to get the press they wouldn’t give us in Ventura California. We believed we could finally get on the market, and save the day with the approaching Y2K.

I decided therefore to go on another national tour in 1999 and present the permanent magnet motor to the world for their public testing. I thought that proving our technology in this way would finally do it! We ran a full-page ad in USA Today inviting all scientists in the USA to attend any of our public demonstrations and prove us wrong. The headline read, “TIRED OF HIGH ELECTRIC BILLS... HOW ABOUT NO ELECTRIC BILLS?” Was that a little too low key?  But, despite the fact that we proved our motor at every show, despite the fact that others brought their own instruments to test it and their data always agreed with ours, the media did not embrace us as I expected, but defamed us instead. The local media told people not to come to our shows. Officials from law enforcement and experts from local universities got on the 6 o’clock news to try frighten people into not coming to the show.  They told people:  “Don’t go to the show! …He was in prison…and… It’s impossible! …and…It’s a scam”. But. if it was a scam, why didn’t they simply prove it by measuring the devices at the show, and arrest me?

It was very eye opening…selective reporting I think they call it. Even the BBB lied to the people about us. They did not lie about the fact that we had never had even one complaint nationwide, but they lied and told people we were looking for investors and that they had to pay to come to our free shows. They were also quite happy to tell people I was a convict. In fact, I had not been convicted. I also have never had an “investor”. My wife and I own all the stock in all three of our corporations. We have no stockholders or investors. We do have dealers who sell our products, but those are not “investors.” All we have done, we have done on our own money.

On tour, we successfully demonstrated a 500% efficient motor on stage at 47 public shows at which we allowed everyone to make their own tests to verify our claims. At ALL of the demonstrations, we showed that our motor took in 453 watts of electricity from batteries and put out 3.1 horsepower (at 746 watts per horsepower, that’s 2,313 watts out.) …a 5 unit output with a one unit of electrical input. Of course, if you discount the energy input from magnets there is no explanation for that (except that we have a perpetual motion machine, and we all know that is impossible.) The equipment performed the same at all 47 shows and all those present were invited to test our measurements and disprove that fact. All who came and tested were satisfied!  No one ever disputed or disproved it.  We videotaped all of these very public demonstrations.

The world of science and the media were unwilling to accept the fact that we had empirically proven our point. That would change everything and completely upset the fossil fuels structure, and the devil cannot have that! It would eliminate our need for fossil fuels and the wars we fight to get them. We could stop the idea of polluting for energy and killing more Americans with pollution every year by far than died in the Vietnam War.

Seeing the way the media and the BBB treated us I realized that we were going to have to force them, and the rest of our opposition, to be fair with us. The media lies to the people with impunity and, for some reason, the people trust them. So, I decided to use the same power that has effected all change in our world... people power! We determined to enlist the biggest self interest group in America to protect us from the energy czars and their friends... the people! I did not want a repeat of my last encounter with the power mongers of the world.

There, indeed are ways that seem right to the world that lead unto death. The devil is deceitful and would deceive the very elect! But the truth will set us free!  Common sense would tell us to just build a model and demonstrate it. But we had tried that and already got bitten by that snake. What we would need was something that would not depend on the media to report it, or the world of science to approve it, and could not be stopped by the dirty politics.

God showed me the way to overcome these obstacles.  It was through massive public awareness.  Lots of demonstrations in different legal jurisdictions with lots of people to see them would not be able to be disputed!   He gave us the job of getting 1.6 million witnesses signed up to witness 100 public demonstrations of free electricity on the same day and hour. The people would decide what happens to this project, and to us …. not big business!

God gave me the plan to offer people free electricity just to be witnesses at a demonstration. I thought it would be easy to get 16,000 witnesses at each demo location with that incentive. Our company has 2,000 dealers nationwide in every state.  They were, and still are, seeking 1.6 million witnesses in 100 different legal jurisdictions, with two in every state, to witness our finished models at the same exact time.  Until they are all recruited, we will not assemble the final prototypes of our technology. Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  They cannot preempt us and test in private what does not exist! So, when our witnesses are assembled we will bring out the devices that we will then claim to have. We do not claim to have a completed model now. We have the most efficient motor that has ever been publicly demonstrated and tested in history. We also claim to have the most efficient generator that has ever been publicly demonstrated and tested. We have not ever put them together and turned them on!

Not one scientist, who attended our 47 open public meetings and measured our permanent magnet motor, got a reading different than we did, even though thousands came and tested it. Scientists who did not attend THAT demonstration merely told the people that it is and was impossible. Their point was that magnets do not do work, and that you cannot make a perpetual motion machine. But word smithing is a funny thing …even when it’s done by people who hold respected positions. In fact, both of these concepts are irrelevant! Work involves a force over distance... something has to move. A magnet on a refrigerator does not move so it does no work. A gallon container of gasoline or a lump of coal does not move either. They also do not work. But we can extract the energy from all three and do work. If magnetic energy can be used to do work, then the permanent magnets in our motor are the other source of energy besides the electricity and it is not a perpetual energy machine (which merely means a machine that puts out more energy than it takes in.)

I believe God is testing the people (especially His own people) of this country.  He has offered something to the world that the media, critics, scientists and public officials have all termed “too good to be true”.  But isn’t that who our God is?  Isn’t Salvation too good to be true?  Aren’t all the promises of God too good to be true?  Aren’t we supposed to see with eyes of faith in what God can do, and not see as the world sees? We don’t impugn God’s motives, why should we impugn His servant’s?

I have made 3 attempts to bring free electricity to the marketplace.  In 1988 I was arrested and my company destroyed. I was ready to come for the second time with Fischer Engine system in 1998, but they got to Dr. Fischer, and he disappeared. We had to start over with another concept, which I brought on tour in 1999.  I have been abused by the world system, which created the bad reputation that they have used to batter me with.  Even the churches have rejected our dealers offers to include them, mostly because of all the confusion deliberately created to destroy my credibility.

I have been unjustly imprisoned for God’s work, but I am in good company.  Jesus Himself was despised and rejected. Like Paul and the disciples, I have been “afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed” ..(2nd Cor. 4:8-9)

Our critics complain, “He has taken too long to do it!” But how long should it take to defeat the richest people in the world? Scientists say it is impossible to make a perpetual motion machine.  They also said that an airplane could never fly, when they declared that heavier than air flight was impossible. Aren’t “ALL things possible to God?” Alexander Graham Bell was arrested for selling telephones because it was impossible to talk over a wire! Now we do it with no wires. Remember when the world was flat? Then one day it just became round. 

We have been discredited by the media who told people not to go to our shows, where we could prove ourselves. We were “exposed” on Good Morning America as frauds although every show we did was a success. WE WERE NEVER ARRESTED FOR THIS FRAUD! We encountered actions from AGs in several states, as a scare tactic and to impress the people that we were “bad guys” but the cases were all civil and ridiculous.

But the authority of the world holds great sway with people .... even though we know that the ruler of this world is Satan himself! People still refused to believe us despite the fact that we proved the most efficient motor and generator ever demonstrated.  Instead it was simple to discredit us with a BBB report that the President of the company had been in prison. They forget to add that he was illegally kidnapped without any due process of law. To be a witness is free of charge, but somehow those in position in this world convinced people it was a massive con job. Because some of the dealers had to sell something to recover their expenses for signing people up, that became our “motive” for fraud.

 Their favorite mantra to convince people we were frauds is this, “If they really had it they would demonstrate a finished model”. The system would love to do to me again what they had done before. “Fool me once...” To allow scientists to test it, seems right to the world, but that precludes the fact that the scientists are unbiased and honest and cannot be gotten to by the rich and powerful fossil fuels interests.

As a result, two years after our “successful” tour, we were nowhere near our 1.6 million witnesses. Unwilling to relent of what God had given me to do, I went back on tour. Some people said I was crazy – but God didn’t stop short of the cross for us … what should our service to Him be? God instructed me to go to every state of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii.) This was not optional. It seemed as though God wanted to test the people. And, we are a test. People have to think for themselves and test their own hearts when they see what we bring. But, remember, Jesus too was a stumbling block. In EVERY state we demonstrated engines running on pickle juice with no exhaust to the environment. Now we could add being ignored by the EPA & DOE.

We demonstrated our entire line of environmentally friendly products and openly exposed big business for the frauds they are! We did it with boldness. Attorney Generals got court orders to prevent us from selling anything or even “giving away free electricity to any of the people of their state.” Again, I was sued by a half dozen AGs. Any serious look into the ridiculous nature of those suits would see right through them.  We are now on the other side of it and the fact is that it has cost us $475,000 to fight off one third of the AGs of this country and there never had been one single victim or even one complaint from ONE consumer. It is over with a lot of wasted money on our part defending ourselves for doing nothing to no one. This is consumer protection at its finest!

People have wondered that if we really are the “bad guys” we are reported to be, why the AGs have not been able to stop us? One AG actually stated that I was the worst kind of criminal… He said I am the type who never actually breaks the law, so it is hard to catch me. What a curious definition of criminal that is. Well, it has not been from lack of trying that they have not been able to stop me. I have been attacked by 19 AGs over two decades. Like David, I can say that God has protected me from my enemies, has kept me from the conspiracies of men, and has delivered my soul from lying lips.

But, despite the fact that I was a target for Attorney Generals all over the country, God had told me I had to do a show in EVERY state before the year was over. This time I advertised the 2001 tour with a full page ad in Newsweek. Once again, we invited all scientists to come with instruments and test our equipment. In Kentucky I was warned by an investigator for the Attorney General, that if I would just load up my stuff and get out of the state, they would let me go, but if I tried to do a show there, they would arrest me. I had no choice. I would rather be found guilty of disobeying men than God, so, I got arrested for trying to exercise my right to free speech in Kentucky, and was charged criminally. The charge was really stupid. They thought that would get rid of me. But God’s show was done in Kentucky on the 28th of December, just before the end of the year! The issue in Kentucky has been resolved.

At the 1999 shows, we had demonstrated our incredibly efficient magnetic motor.  At the 2001 shows we demonstrated the most efficient generator that has ever been tested publicly. We proved it is 100% efficient. It converts mechanical energy (horsepower like what our permanent magnet motor produces) to electricity at a 100% conversion. One unit of mechanical energy makes one unit of electrical energy. If our magnetic motor uses one unit of electricity to make five units of mechanical energy and that is converted to five units of electricity by our generator, then it’s easy to see why I believe the combination of them will produce five units of electricity out of the Sundance Generator from that one unit of electricity into to Hummingbird motor making the other four out... free. We also proved conclusively, on this tour, that magnets can be used to do work. Actually, if you really think about it, with our proven 5/1 motor there is no generator built by anyone that can’t be coupled with it to make free electricity! Any generator over 20% efficient would do the job. Short of producing the finished product, what more could I show anyone?

When I do claim to have a free electricity machine, experience has taught me, it had better be in front of 100 stadiums filled with people at the same time in 100 legal jurisdictions! By inviting 16,000 witnesses to the stadium, we will fill it if all 16,000 cars bring four people each. Our witnesses will be encouraged to invite guests to this historic event. 16,000 times 4 is 64,000 people at each show! So we intend to rent 100 football stadiums. We will do two public shows in every state to keep the public officials honest.  Since the Attorney General in the state only has to commandeer one unit to test in order to “protect the consumers”, he will make it obvious that he’s trying to stop us if he takes both units. If he takes one, we will publicly demonstrate the other before a stadium full of witnesses to keep their expert honest. And, I do not see how the media could ignore covering 100 Woodstock's. Each state is a separate Republic. It only takes one state to get our project launched. God willing, this will level the playing field!

But even all of this has still not been enough. Faith is in short supply. People (even my Christian brothers and sisters) want to see the finished product in order to believe. The Catch 22 designed to keep inventors at bay is this: if you even claim to have a finished unit, the judges can issue a court order to take it as they did to me in California. The authorities hope I will fall for demonstrating without mass support again so they can get a court order, confiscate it, privately test it, and get an expert to say it doesn’t work. Then an injunction could stop it forever! But, they can’t test what does not exist! So, the final working model cannot be completed until the witnesses are in place.

I am only asking people to be a witness at a public demonstration so I can prove what God wants to give as a gift. We are in the last days, and there is a lot of work to be done if everyone across the globe is to hear the gospel before the Lord returns. That takes money.  It seems to me that God has laid up the riches of the wicked for the righteous (Proverbs 13:22)., and He wants to give it to us, but we have to be alert enough to see His hand at work.  To quote a movie, “we’re at the Superbowl, and we’re in the fourth quarter.  All I am asking is to be “passed the ball” so I can prove I can make the touchdown.  If I show that I can do what I say, it would open up the whole world and all of its riches to the Church for the building of the Kingdom of God!  Let me mention a few facts, and then share the plan to stop all fossil fuels pollution and fund God’s church in the process with you.


When we went nationwide to every state of the union on our last tour we proved a lot more than that we have the ability to make free electricity. I cannot demonstrate the various technologies we have shown on our tours to you here, but we did PROVE them all on stage, and we did let the audience confirm our measurements. Keep in mind that we invited the EPA and the DOE of every state to witness, with their own eyes, running an ordinary engine with no exhaust AT ALL! The exhaust pipe was plugged off. We also ran an ordinary internal combustion engine on pickle juice, and also on 80% water and 20% gasoline. That fact has never made any difference. We are willing to come to churches across America and we will demonstrate the pickle juice engine that will run using Pepsi, Coca Cola, Soy Sauce, sugar, water, coffee, or anything liquid as a fuel... without pollution! I breath the exhaust! We will also run a lawn mower with the exhaust pipe closed off and it will run better in that mode. 100% of the fuel will be burned. Your car is currently using 18% of the fuel for power and exhausting 82% of the gas you are buying to the environment. We will demonstrate burning water to make a flame that cuts and brazes metal. The flame will melt every substance on this planet. It changes it’s temperature to match the melting point. We will prove this is a nuclear reaction. It could also be used to neutralize all the radioactive waste in America. It can also do everything natural gas does on water and replace the entire natural gas industry. We will show our audience a shocking demonstration with a 2,000 degree flame applied to a painted egg for three minutes. At the end of that time the egg will not even be cooked! This demonstrates our special heat transfer resistant paint. We will briefly discuss our ability to modify all existing car engines to run on corn and birdseed or any bio mass using a continuous plasma arc and a 50 volt battery!

We will also show the audience why it is reasonable to believe we will produce free electricity. We will prove that magnets can be used to do work. It is hard for experts to believe that a permanent magnet motor can be built, because you cannot just turn the magnets off and on like you can with an electromagnetic motor. The problem is that you cannot block a magnetic field. If you could, then you could make a permanent magnet motor. We will show our audience that a strong magnetic field can be blocked. We will also show our pin wheel demonstration to show that a quarter turn of rotational movement can create a lot of movement as magnets arranged in the right pattern effect one another. We will demonstrate the Negawatt Circuit that could bankrupt every electric utility in the USA. We will also demonstrate our Tesla Coil that can send live electricity anywhere without any wires and without a grid system. We will even show the audience the Neutrino Circuit that can generate electricity without using any mechanical device at all. It could change everything we know about generating electricity! We will show our audience what our ultimate generator will look like on their lawn.


In order to get people to come out to the electric demonstrations, we just decided to pay them to do so.  Remember, our problem the first time was that we did not have enough protection to avoid the system’s “dirty tricks.” People say this is too good to be true, because they think I am offering them something for nothing. That is not the case. We are offering to let them have all their own power for free from a unit that would be built, in exchange for their presence in the stadium.  We believe their presence will force the media to cover the event and force public officials to be careful how they treat us. So, in essence, we are paying the people for protection. Since the 30 kWh generator would make 15 times as much power as an all electric home needs, we intend to sell the excess electricity for our income. After our successful demonstrations, the witness then will be granted an allotment of up to 26,000 kWh of free electricity each and every year that we can sell the excess (possibly for life!) The average all electric home uses about 17,000 kWh, so that is 9,000 more than most people will use for total energy needs...even for their heat, cooling, hot water, and electricity. One unit would give us enough income after expenses in one year to build another.

Collectively, our product dealers are sponsoring the stadium shows. The dealers are not all well enough off to cover all our expenses to sign people up and develop the computer lists, send confirmations to the witnesses, issue a printed and sequentially numbered registration certificate to them for their free electricity, rent 100 football stadiums, send out all the mailings, etc. It’s expensive to set up 100 public demonstrations and build, ship, and install the models as well as organize these events nationwide. So, dealers had to at least sell a product, or add shipping and handling charges for sign ups to be able to help cover these costs. Football Stadiums cost a lot of money. Finances to make things happen are a reality.

I tried everything I could to help the dealers earn some sort of income to defray the cost of these demonstrations. We needed to offer people some “right now” benefits worth the financial support our dealers needed from them. I created a discount-buying club with discounts on all our unique money saving products. I also created a benefits program to give them super savings on medical, dental, college funding, free food, their phone service, and gas. No one could argue with the value of joining one of the many clubs offered and then getting the offer to be a witness and possibly get free electricity thrown in for free! A small charge to join the club helped our dealers support the demonstrations. So, then the corrupt officials called club dues a security, and harassed us for not registering a security. Costco and Sam’s Club are discount clubs. Their dues aren’t considered securities in any state.

Like Nehemiah, we have had to fight with one hand while building the wall with the other. It has been one hand on the sword and one on God’s work. We have suffered legal battles, constant sabotage, and dirty tricks that included our opponents re-routing our phone calls and our mail, not delivering our mail, damaging our freight, bugging our offices and lying about us on BBB reports and on TV...We are infiltrated by spies in our research, our office staff, and in our dealer network. They have tried unsuccessfully to kill me many times. But, we keep coming forward through the grace of God, because all things work for the good of those who are the called according to His purposes. The holes our opponents dig for us, they usually end up in. God is good all the time!

God even showed me a plan to fund this entire project if no bank in the world wants to upset the big boys by lending us money for machines. If one machine costs $9,000 16 million of them would cost 144 Billion dollars. With the plan God gave us, we can do this without any bank loans at all! 16 million 30 kWh machines can supply 150% of the electricity made in this country last year, in a manner that puts the power into the hands of the people! God revealed a plan for putting all 16 million units on American homes to shut down every fossil fuels or nuclear power plant in the USA within the next five years. Does that not sound crazy! A plan to ELIMINATE all pollution in the USA within the next five years - even if the bankers ignore our needs for capital? Who, but God could do that? This action will decentralize electricity production in America and put the power into the hands of 16 million people. It’s “Power to the People!” We can supply all of the power without any pollution. We could shut down every acid rain producing coal plant, nuclear power plant, and oil and gas polluting plants as well. We can go from 1.6 million witnesses into 16 million people signed up for our offer of free electricity almost overnight, because we will give the initial witnesses 60 days to go home and sign up nine other friends and family members to get into our free electric for the use of their home to feed the grid.  Those who are invited as witnesses get their power for free at absolutely no cost and those who sign up for that in this room will have absolutely nothing to buy. Normally dealers sell something to those they invite to be witnesses. They have to be customers, but we have arranged with your church, through Kings and Priests Ministry, to sign you all up absolutely free of cost or condition.

In fact, you can even transfer whatever portion of your annual allotment you do not use to your church as a contribution of free electricity for them. If you are an average energy user, that would mean that you could grant 9,000 of your 26,000 kWh each year to the church. That could mean that every 100 church members doing that could get 900,000 kWh of free electricity for the church to use as they see fit! 

Witnesses will be contacted when the stadiums are set with a bar code invitation.  When they check in they get nine applications to enable them to sign up nine friends or family. In fact, the only way for anyone to get set free of the grid after the demonstrations is for them to know one of the witnesses that were at the demonstrations. Ten percent of our total 16 million will enlist the rest within 60-90 days of our public demonstrations. The friends will have to pay at least $1,000 to us for the same privilege you got for free (with possibly another $1,000 for our dealer.)  Who would not pay that fee AFTER the well publicized demonstrations have proven the technology? The cost to build one generator with all the switchgear to protect linemen and to disguise it as a rock is planned to be $9,000 each. So, your friends will provide the income to us to build your unit if the banker refuses to finance it. This way, the first 1.6 million units can be funded within 60-90 days of the public demonstrations. Of course, since the net profit from the sales of the excess electricity each year exceeds the cost to build another unit, then in the second year another 1.6 million units could be built for a total of 3.2 million units and in the third year that could be doubled for another 3.2 million or 6.4 million units in total. Of course in the fourth year the 6.4 million units enable us to build another 6.4 million units for a total of 12.8 million units within four years. One can see how, with this progression, the whole 16 million units could easily be funded within five years to provide 100% green electricity for the entire USA, and everyone will get their unit. Of course, if the bankers do loan us the money to build the units, then the net profit, after paying off the loans and all the expenses each year, will be about $4,000 to $5,000 per unit.

The vast majority of homes in America will not get free electricity with our offer, but, hopefully, they will; all be getting clean energy from this technology. Our initial goal of preserving the infra structure of this country would be achieved. Not everyone will get free electricity. All of the industrial and commercial market which comprises 2/3rds of the whole market now, and over 75% of residences will still be buying electricity from the electric companies and preserving the economy. So, almost 95% of the electricity buyers will still be there.

We also plan to donate ALL (100%) of the income from each unit on behalf of the witness and their friends and relatives to God’s churches. My wife and I serve God as servants in His companies. The profit is all His to do with as He sees fit. We are content to be a blessing to the body of Christ. God says that He has made us a nation of Kings and Priests. Kings have the job of destroying the enemies of God, taking the spoils of war and paying tithes and offerings to the Priests, while Priests care for the house of God and His people. We believe strongly that God has given us the ministry of Kings. We intend to ask the priests of the body to pray for us and give us God’s blessing, and we will be a provision for them. The unit put on a church member’s home shall throw off a profit after all expenses and we will donate all of it to Kings and Priests, who will, in turn, give it to the church the witness came from. The offer will include the other nine units that came from that witness signing up friends and relatives after the demonstrations. If each unit can throw off between $4,000 and $5,000 per year, then the church could receive as much as $45,000 or more every year for each church member who signs up (absolutely free of cost to him or the church.) Imagine a church in which every member of the congregation caused that much money to flow into the church every year. The only thing we ask is that half of this free money for the churches who help us get the witnesses be used for programs to fund alternatives to the immoral practices afoot in America today, and the other half to be used for revival to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

Electricity is just one of the witty inventions (Proverbs 8:12 KJV) God has prepared for His people. We also have an organic agriculture fertilizer that will grow pumpkins the size of a man, corn fields grow 17 feet tall, 500 tomatoes on one plant... We have water gas that can replace natural gas and propane as well as all the bottled gas for heating homes, cutting steel, and running appliances with water! There is nothing they can do with natural gas that we cannot do with water gas. We can even use it to cause water to flow uphill without a pump. We can run all internal combustion engines without any exhaust, totally pollution free, to get four times the mileage. We can power them not only on water and gasoline or just water, but also on corn or any biomass with a unique plasma arc that vaporizes corn or birdseed. We can even do laundry without any laundry detergent, and turn ordinary dirt into a concrete hard surface by merely spraying it with a polymer. We have a jackhammer that does not make noise and does not pollute. We can make millions of gallons of fresh water from seawater at absolutely no operating cost. We are developing a laser camera that can take your picture through a 6-foot deep solid concrete wall (How would that be for finding earthquake victims or unexploded land mines under the ground?) It goes on and on... In fact, if you are an inventor and want to get an invention to the people we will help you develop, manufacture, and market it without having to deal with the corrupt world system! Just give me your number and I’ll call!

In this time of possible war in the Middle East, is it hard to imagine God offering the people of this country energy independence? Is it hard to imagine that the world system (owned by we know who) would try to stop this? Corrupt, worldly men suppress the technical advancements God intends for us to have out of their greed. Would the devil not resort to the kind of harassment God’s servants have endured? But we will not be stopped, because it is God who has sent us and nothing will stop God’s anointed. We go with God against all odds, but, hopefully with the support of His church. Right now, every time we turn on a light, we are funding terrorism and a people who are instructed by their religion to kill Christians. The investors in that industry are not only ruthlessly killing people and the environment, they are funding immorality. Perhaps, through this effort, we can reverse that so that every time anyone turns on a light they will be funding programs to bring back morality and alternatives to baby killing and immorality as well as the message of salvation to a dying world through the churches involved with Kings and Priests.

            God has sent His messengers with a strong message for the church. We trust that you will discern His Will in this! We hope His people will rise up and support this effort! To put together 1.6 million witnesses who can get disconnected from the electric grid and be independent with Jesus Power and Light is a vision for God’s people. The opportunity for God’s righteous to prosper by stopping the lies, fraud, and deceit of this world system and bring life and the end of pollution is a vision for God’s people. We can also fund rebuilding a moral nation through the proper application of the funds this project can generate back into the body of Christ.  To get it we all must exercise faith. I know the world cannot do that, but God’s people can! Is this not the type of messenger and the type of message God would send? We hope we have proven our determination to do His Will in this regardless of the obstacles. If you do not think so, please go to and listen to the 53 hours of the details of our journey that answer every lie told by the character assassins who pose as our critics. What more is required for us to prove our sincerity than we have already done? We are willing to do anything God asks us to do. Is this something He is calling you to be more involved in?

This is not just my world, this is our world. Over a million tons of toxic chemicals (including carcinogens and neurotoxins)  were dumped into the US environment last year by the power plants alone with hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acids being the chemicals most commonly released from the burning of coal and oil! The power plants are the largest single polluters in North America! More Americans die from this aggressor than all those who died in Vietnam. We can stop it all (including all vehicle pollution) within five years without destroying the infrastructure of this country!

Right now we are about half way to the number of witnesses we need. That is the reason for our tour in 2004. I am calling upon God’s people to join me in this worthy cause. I prayed and God told me to go to His church and testify to the truth. God has shown me how to bring this to my brothers and sisters with no strings attached. We are not asking you to pay anything and we are not even requiring that you do any form of business with our dealers in order to get signed up for free electricity as a witness. Normally there would be a charge to the public to attend our presentation, but this is one brother to another without charge.  We merely asked to be allowed to testify to His church. We have been willing to come on tour and bring some of our technologies and God’s vision for His people. Any brother and/or sister in Christ shall be invited after the presentation to walk out into the lobby and sign up to be a witness at the football stadium. When we have recruited the number of witnesses God has required for us to be allowed to do the demonstrations, we will do them, and our contribution to building a Better World will begin. Each person who does sign up to witness the demonstrations the night of a successful presentation will be granted an allotment of 26,000 kWh of free electricity every year possibly for the rest of his or her life in exchange for merely showing up at a successful demonstration. The average ALL ELECTRIC home uses about 17,000 kWh of electricity. The allotment is for about 9,000 more kWh of electricity than each church member will use. We will also let each member of the church pledge that all of the electricity in their allotment that they do not use can be donated to their church. For each 100 members who sign up to merely be a witness, at absolutely no cost for them to do so, there may be an average excess of 900,000 kWh of free electricity for their church. In this way, the church could also get all their electricity absolutely free for allowing us to invite all their members to get their electricity absolutely free possibly for the rest of their lives. Of course, the profits from this project could empower the church to do great things to bring morality back to the people of this land. There is no way that this could harm the congregation or the church. If and when we do it everyone wins! Since we do have travel expenses and we will bring a crew to load and unload our heavy machines, we would respectfully request to be allowed to pass the plate at the end of the presentation in the hopes that God will put it on the heart of those present to help us with our expenses. We would also hope to be allowed time for an alter call in the hopes that someone present will receive a far greater gift than free electricity.

Thank you for considering our cause. It wasn’t easy to live it, but God is worth all our sacrifices!