Revelations 1:6 says that He made us to be a Kingdom of Kings and Priests. Kingís and Priests Ministries is founded on this precept.  The model provided in the Old Testament tells us that the Kings were responsible for destroying the enemies of God and using the spoils of war to tithe and provide for the Priests.  Priests were responsible for hearing from God, making sacrifices for the nation, and caring for the people.  Priests provide the vision and Kings provide the provision.  We believe that together, these two distinct ministries, fulfill and complete the Body of Christís ministry in the Lord.  

            King David and King Solomon are two good examples of the Kingís ministry in Old Testament Israel.  God used them to establish the Nation, conquer its enemies and use the spoils to build His Temple.  An example of a Christian in the ministry of Kings would be a believer who hears from God in endeavors that bring financial prosperity to the church, and stands against the enemies of God in those endeavors.  Kings are able to go beyond the normal tithe of ten percent of their personal earnings; they have been gifted by God with abilities and resources for the purpose of multiplying provisions for the church. So the union of Kings and Priests can expand the kingdom of God.

            Dennis Lee and his wife Alison feel they have been called to a Kingís ministry.  They created a company called Better World Technologies, which is dedicated to bringing technologies to the world that will improve peopleís quality of life and give God glory.  God has called Dennis and Alison to develop energy technologies that have the capability to create inexpensive, efficient, and pollution free energy.  These inventions were revealed by God for what they believe will be a huge funding source for expanding the church and spreading the Gospel.  It prophesied, in their beginnings, that God would reveal His witty inventions through them, and with that revelation He would turn the business world upside down.  It was also prophesied that these technologies would bring huge prosperity to the Body of Christ and finance the biggest revival in history.

             In faithfulness to God, Dennis and Alison set up Kings and Priests Ministries for the disbursement of future funds that could range in the hundreds of billions.  There are those who doubt that these two Christians would be willing to walk away from huge wealth to honor God in this way. They ask why? One viewing of the passion of Christ should give anyone with a heart that answer. It is a small price to pay in comparison. Dennis and Better World Technologies may soon be a multi-billion dollar company that is aiming to be the largest supplier of residential power in the United States.  These energy technologies have been demonstrated and tested before tens of thousands of people across the nation.  Better World Technologies has over five hundred research projects and itís sister company United Community Services has a full line of products developed to help the world.  They all belong to God. Some of the UCSA products include products that can help end starvation, make low cost and clean water, and build low cost housing for under developed countries.  These breakthroughs have two purposes. In the first place to change things and in the second place to fund the body of Christ and make it strong! It takes money for the Priests to effectively do their part in advancing the kingdom of God on earth.

 The vision that God gave Dennis and Alison for funding the church is a reflection of His love for His body and the world. They believe God wants to provide things that we havenít dared to dream of.  When the money comes to the church it will be used to bring morality back to this country first and then to the world. With finances, we can confront the attacks against God in America. The Priests in the churches involved will be  able to offer real alternatives to abortion; help rehabilitate drug and other substance abusers; preserve the sanctity of marriage; put God back into our schools and institutions; stop media bias; defend the rights of Christians; and other social programs to uplift morality and righteousness. Of course there will also be plenty of funding for evangelism to spread the good news of Jesus to the entire world! The testimony and vision that Dennis and Alison have to share with the church will no doubt inspire and encourage the body to look and see the present majesty of God.  He didnít just do the impossible on behalf of Israel; He is ready and willing to do the impossible on behalf of His Body today. The time is coming when God will prosper the church so that every soul on earth can hear the precious gospel of Jesus Christ, and God can be proud of His church. We cannot make that happen, but we can do all we can to make that happen.