Welcome to our project. God has given us a great responsibility to end a grave injustice and save the lives of our countrymen. According to a national report by an organization that analyzes air  pollution strategies for the Bush Administration and U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, every year 24,000 American lives are cut short from power plant pollution! There are 334 heart attacks every year in Houston alone due to miniscule particles released by power plants that bore into people’s lungs. Power plants are responsible for 45% of the total 775,502 tons of toxic air releases in America, including carcinogens and neurotoxins. A much higher percentage of the pollution is coming from our vehicles. How many more Americans are being killed by pollution coming from the various forms of transportation? It is logical to assume that, since transportation pollution is greater than power plant pollution, the 24,000 American lives cut short every year from power plant pollution will at least double if you include transportation pollution. President Carter declared war on pollution and our dependence upon fossil fuels. This is a war! Remember the outcry over the loss of lives in the Vietnam War? We lost 58,148 Americans during the 8+ years we were involved in that war. That is an average of 7,268 for each year we were in  that war. Today, we are rightfully concerned about the 848 Americans who have died in the Iraq War. But, I want to ask you which of these three wars is the more dangerous to American citizens? 

          Pollution may kill as many Americans every year as the Vietnam war did in the entire 8 year conflict. But, do we have any choice?  To not have power could kill even more Americans. Look at the effects of blackouts and energy shortages. If we have to chose between having the energy and the loss of 50,000 American lives, it would be a tough decision. But, we do not have to make that choice. There is a very viable alternative to fossil fuels. President Carter’s war can be won. We can be totally independent of fossil fuels for all of our energy needs! The technology to accomplish that does exist! But the real choice is one between the greed of some very rich and influential self interest groups and the lives of all those Americans. A small company has stood up to these powerful self interests, and has advanced, against all odds, an alternative that could eliminate all fossil fuels pollution in America within the next five years.  

Without the support of the people in this country it would have been difficult to end the killing of Americans in Vietnam. To stop that war it took the power of the public. To stop the senseless killing of Americans right here in America it will take the same force, but it will also take capturing the imagination of the people and convincing them there is an alternative. Our people perish for lack of vision. All we want is a chance to inform the public without the dirty tricks of the media, corrupt politics, and a go along judicial system. What good is it to have a solution if we are not allowed to properly inform people of that fact? We have a great case for our claim to be able to eliminate the dangerous threat to so many Americans now and, possibly, a great deal of the future of everyone. We want to present that case directly to the people and not through representatives who may not be looking out for the interests of the people. What could be wrong with at least hearing us out?  

        We are going on tour across American offering the public the opportunity to hear our alternative to fossil fuels dependency. There is no good reason for any American to die on foreign soil for oil or because of it here. We want especially to meet with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are coming to you and asking you for nothing. You do not have to pay for our presentation, nor do you have to buy anything. We intend only to give to you, our brothers and sisters. Just listen to what God has prepared for His body to eliminate this threat and finance the church at the same time. We know you have the ministry of Priests. We have the ministry of Kings. In Israel, kings and priests were two distinct and  different offices. Priests carried the responsibility of hearing from God; offered sacrifices for the people; received tithes and offerings from the people; cared for the house of God; cared for the widows and orphans; cared for the stranger at the gate; and spoke encouragement to the people before battle. Kings destroyed the enemies of God; took the spoils of war; paid tithes and offerings to the priests; and governed the physical affairs of the nation. Our beliefs in our partnership in the body are summed up in the booklet “Kings and Priests” by David R. High. A copy can be obtained by calling (405) 721-7417. We want to finance the body of Christ with the spoils of winning this war.