Welcome to the Ministry of Kings and Priests. Our ministry is dedicated to bringing the provisions to the body of Christ for the vision of advancing the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who serve the god of this world have great resources at their disposal to pervert and subvert the message of our Lord. He who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy mankind is using the world system to have his way while God’s servants are unable to stand toe to toe with their opponents financially. We are losing the battle for morality and Christian values in America. Fossil fuels are killing 60,000 Americans every year with pollution and destroying the environment. To get energy, we are deceptively putting money into the hands of a people who are sworn to kill Christians as part of the exercise of their religion. We are financing outright terrorism. Hollywood, big business, and financial institutions invests in utilities and energy investments and the returns are being used to attack family values and the sanctity of marriage. The courts are siding with those who would remove God completely from our country if they could. Without great financial resources the body of Christ is greatly handicapped in the struggle to defend and even advance the Kingdom of God. But, where there is vision from God there is provision from God. We have the ministry of Kings. Kings, in the old days, directly did battle with the world system and took the resources and shared with God’s Priests so the Priests could focus on maintaining a moral and Godly people. The Priests offered sacrifices to God on behalf of the Kings before battle. It was a God inspired partnership.

            God has equipped us for our part in this. We have a plan to confront the wicked business practices of our day and richly bless the body of Christ by bringing unlimited wealth to our Priests so they can win the battle for morality in this country. Imagine what it would be like if everyone who attended a church were able to give 100% of their income to the church rather than a tenth part. How fast would that church grow and what sort of resources would it have at its disposal to defend the faith? How could it be possible for the congregation to make that kind of contribution to their church? We believe that if everyone in a church could donate an average of $40,000 (in addition to what they are already donating) to their church every year, our churches would be in line to respond to the attacks on morality with projects that could counter the destructive forces of well capitalized immorality. We have a plan to make that happen. It is a plan that will cost the church nothing. It is a plan that will cost the members of a congregation nothing! It is a plan that relates to resources that God has made available to us that we are willing to unselfishly surrender to the body of Christ asking nothing in return except that the churches  use the resources to take back America for God!

            “I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.......” (KJV Proverbs 8:12) The founders of Kings and Priests Ministries, Dennis Lee and Alison David Lee, are also owners of three national corporations, Better World Technologies, United Community Services of America, and the International Tesla Electric Company. God has shown Dennis hundreds of revolutionary technical breakthroughs. The most  startling new discovery is a proven motor and a proven generator that are expected, in combination,  to produce electricity at no cost and with NO pollution! Everyone knows that if someone were to develop a pollution free energy alternative that could revolutionize energy production, it would be worth hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars. Dennis and Alison, owners of the companies involved, are willing to surrender all of their potential windfall to the body of Christ to be used to revive God’s presence and morality in America, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to  the world. To advance such a world changing technology will be met with much resistance by those rich and powerful self interest groups in the fossil fuels industry. Past experience has taught us that what is needed, politically, to make this happen is for there to be 100 demonstrations of the technology done in football stadiums filled with witnesses spread across the entire country. The media will be forced to cover the event and the corrupt officials will not be able to employ their usual “dirty tricks” to stop it and keep it from the people. One thing the church has a lot of is witnesses. As we have witnessed for Christ, we can now witness for the truth in technology. All profits of the corporations named above will be donated to Kings and Priests Ministries to be disbursed back to the churches that are involved with getting the witnesses.

            Each church will be invited to recruit people who are willing to do nothing more than attend the demonstration nearest them. Neither the witnesses nor the church will be required to pay anything for this offer of free electricity for the witness and a donation of all the profits for the church. Kings and Priests has expenses to operate and to seek witnesses for the public demonstrations. Kings and Priests functions purely through voluntary donations. Kings and Priests is willing to go to church groups and demonstrate amazing technologies for the people and invite them to sign up to be witnesses at the demonstrations. Kings and Priests asks for a voluntary love offering after the presentation to help cover costs. That is all that the church members or the church who has us come will ever be asked to donate. Kings and Priests also invites all persons who wish to bless any part of the body of Christ to join in their “Fishes and Loaves” program as a voluntary contributor to the ministry.


            The “Fishes and Loaves” program offers people a way to greatly multiply whatever blessing they wish to donate to any Christian denomination. Rather than just making a donation to the church of your choice, a donor could make a donation to Kings and Priests on behalf of that church and, for every ten dollars donated, we will make sure there is a witness recruited from that church group. We cannot guarantee to recruit witnesses from a specific church (although we will try) but we can assure any donor that we will get a witness from their preferred denomination category for every ten dollars they donate. This is multiplication at it’s best, because a ten dollar donation directly given to the church is just one loaf of bread and one fish, but, if it is given to Kings and Priests we absolutely will recruit one witness for our demonstrations from that church. That one witness may get nine others involved on behalf of the church. When the free energy technology is ready for distribution, those ten units could possibly throw off a profit of as much as $5,000 a year each to the church every year for as long as the donor lives! Imagine one ten dollar bill possibly funding $50,000 every year for decades to the intended recipient. That is like feeding 5,000 people with five loafs and fish. All the profits that could come from that small gesture will bless the intended church on behalf of the donor. A mere $250 donated through Kings and Priests for a certain denomination could possibly set up a million dollar annual stipend for that church every year for life! The most amazing thing is that the chances of success go beyond being possible to actually being probable.

            There has never been a program that has such potential to bless the body of Christ. Not only will the donor multiply the blessings to his or her intended charity, but the whole society will be blessed in the process. A church member and his church may get free of utility bills forever. The pollution levels that effect everyone may be lowered. The country will get closer to independence from foreign oil. Free enterprise could be revitalized with new energy sources with hundreds of new technologies that can stimulate competition once more. More importantly, every time we turn on a light in this country the power will come from a non-polluting source of energy and the proceeds from selling it shall go toward the body of Christ to fund morality in America and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. One who seeks to uplift the body of Christ through donations could not possibly get a bigger bang out of the buck donated through the Kings and Priests Fishes and Loaves program.

If you have connections to a church in the body of Christ, we would love to be invited there to share this great vision, and, to prove to them with actual technical demonstrations what is really possible, and why it is essential for this to happen. We welcome all those who merely believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation (whatever else they may believe.) We want to join hands with all our brothers and sisters in Christ to take back America for Christ, and to spread the love of God and the message of the gospel to the ends of the earth. If we do not at least try to achieve that which seems unattainable, how can we expect to attain it? There are, indeed, Giants in this land. But, we serve a mighty God. Together, as a nation of Kings and Priests, we can have the victory to His glory. Amen?

It’s easy for you to help us help church, country, and family with the same gesture. You can donate by clicking here.  Thank You for your interest in our project. We have an active Q&A hotline every Monday night from 7 to 9 PM (EST) that you are welcome to join. Call (646) 519-5860. The PIN number is 2249#.  You can also listen on the internet at at www.soundwaves2000.com/jgs/kingsandpriests, password creation.  The teleconferences are archived there as well for your convenience.

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